Euro Truck Simulator 2

Second installment of the game that features the rigs of Europe


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It’s Time to Get Trucking

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, gamers have the chance to join an elite trucking community and travel across Europe. On the face of it, this may seem like a rather dull concept, yet it managed to take the gaming community by storm. Let’s look into why Euro Truck Simulator 2 became a gaming sensation almost overnight.

In Euro Truck Simulator 2, gamers play the role of a trucker who has to deliver important cargo to different destinations across Europe. This gives players the chance to explore a wide range of different destinations through the UK as well as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and many more. The locations are well created and allow players to take a virtual tour of different countries.

When you start playing the game, it may seem very simple. In fact, a little bit too simple as you find yourself heading down the motorway with a truck loaded full of ice cream or other items. However, as time goes by, the challenges become more frequent and more challenging. Players can easily become hooked on the game as they are tasked with repainting their trucks, managing deliveries so they get to their destinations on time and working out how to repay loans.

Players start from humble origins provided solely with a rather run down garage, a company with no actual trucks to speak of and plenty of enthusiasm. It is your job to build the company from scratch and turn it into a success to become one of the leading trucking companies in the whole of Europe. Players have the chance to choose their home city, which is a nice touch that can add more than a small dose of nostalgia to playing the game. There are also plenty of other customisable features to help players feel like this is their own unique game.

To get started, players take on jobs for other companies and earn money by simply transporting goods from one place to another. This serves as a scenic introduction to the game and helps players to focus on one aspect at a time rather than making them manage the entire trucking company straight away.

As soon as players rack up enough cash they will be able to buy a truck of their very own. This will help them to earn even more money through higher paying jobs and achieve more freedom to make their own schedules. After this, you begin upgrading your garage and hiring other drivers so that you can take on more jobs and earn more revenue.

As players progress through the game, the amount of tasks that they need to handle gradually goes up. The pacing of the game seems to be just right and although it can be rather challenging to balance everything at some points, players are never really given more to do than they can reasonably handle. Eventually players should have a trucking empire that spans the whole of Europe and they will be able to sit back and bask in their success.

If it seems as though the game simply isn’t moving quickly enough, players have the option to expand more quickly by taking out loans. Of course, these loans will have to be paid back sooner or later and repayments take a number of different forms. The role playing elements of Euro Truck Simulator 2 mean that this game is not just about driving and players who manage the different types of tasks well will be awarded skill points that they can use to upgrade their proficiency.

Of course, no amount of great graphics and other effects can change the fact that this game is all about trucking. Players are told at the start of the game that trucking is their dream job and they spend a large amount of time confined to their truck and heading out on the open road. If you do not enjoy this aspect of the game, you are sure to get bored with Euro Truck Simulator fairly quickly.

If you have every wondered what it feels like to be king of the road, then this game is for you. The feel of the game is realistic and trucking enthusiasts will have the chance to live out their fantasies from the comfort of their very own home. However, it has to be said that trucking will not appeal to everyone and younger gamers in particular may quickly become bored with the concept.


  • The vehicle interiors are very detailed
  • Very convincing physics
  • An immersive gaming environment
  • Good range of customisable features


  • Trucking does not appeal to everyone
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